permasalahan & solusi HW
2100 insert SIM : CCONT/CPU problem
3210 Always shows charging : reflow or replace CCONT
3310 Signal is normal,but no TX : Reflow/Replace CCONT,COBBA, check Antenna Switch
3310 No response to charger : Check fuse F200
3310 No Signal : hagar, c508, L511(remove it) , PA
3310 Signal OK when first turned on then dissapears : Replace PA, reflow cobba,ccont,hagar
3310 Battery OK until call then low : : Reflow/Replace CCONT, Replace PA
3310 Keys mixed up : Replace R414 and / or R415 (each 2 x 1k)
3310 Will not power up after turned off unless batt removed and replaced : replace / reflow CCONT
3310 Will charge OK but will not power ON : reflow/replace CCONT or check V202
3310 "Insert Sim": : If its is not a SIM-connector problem then usually reflow / replace CCONT
3310 Standby 1 day or less : PA
3310 Intermittent reboots or turns off: Remove L511
3310 LCD displays lines or alternate lines missing etc: Resolder C409 & C410,if no display replace c409,c410,c412,c413
3510 can't charge : Try to change UEM
5210 no speaker : COBBA problem
7210 no ringer : reset phone settings
7650 no ring sound : change ringer
8210 Signal OK but No TX: Reflow Cobba, Reflow Hagar, replace Antenna Switch, replace PA
8210 Signal OK when first turned on then dissapears: : Replace Antenna switch,reball COBBA,B 100 crystal
8210 No signal unless IR active: Change C153
8210 Vibe and Light stay on: Replace User-Iterface IC (adjacent to power switch)
8210 "Not Charging" : rebal/replace CCONT,charging IC or remove V100, near F101
8210 CONTACT SERVICE : COBBA problem(rabal/replace),try to flash phone
8210 No response to charger: Check F101
8210 Will charge OK but will not power ON: : reflow/replace CCONT,or V116
8210, 8250 Locks-up, freezes: Update software, Reflow MAD (Caution, Toxic glue!)
8210/8250 show charging but no charging : check CCONT,line from c!=% near chaps to +,change N401
8210 showing charging without charger : Check CCONT and CHAPS (Charge IC)
6210, 3310 etc Int' drops network: replace Ant' switch, reflow COBBA
6210, 3310 etc Int' drops network and rintones slow: : Replace 32khz crystal
8310, 6510 No response to charger: Check Fuse F100
8310, 6510 One or some keys not working: Replace Z301
8310, 6510 no ring tone : When phone software is old,flash phone with new version of software
8890 no signal after flash : update faid and unlock

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